indyThe title of the new Indiana Jones movie has been officially revealed. Installment number four will be called Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. The movie under the direction of Steven Spielberg, stars Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones.

While there has been some criticism over the age of the film's star, experts point out that plastic can last for a millenium.
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imageThe film crew working on the new RocketTheme trilogy takes a break from their busy schedule to discuss this highly anticipated film release.
imageThe military is testing their new lego based battle-armor, rumored to be much easier to put together than the one based on an erector set.

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Valentine's Day is Upon Usimage

Start planning ahead now, nothing says I love you like flowers and a striped shirt.Read More


Rocket Roks the Stageimage

Thousands showed up to watch Rocket rock the crowd and beat out the other local bands.Read More

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Crime on the Riseimage

Villains have a field day while superheroes find themselves all tied up once again.Read More
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John Carter
Posted by Robert McDougal

Now that he's been and inspired many, John Carter himself finally get his own movie, a pretty big one infact. One that costed Disney a whopping 250 million dollars. We saw Brad Bird transition, nicely to the big screen with Mission: Impossible. So how does Andrew Stanton fair out directing real actors? Watch this audio review for Robert's take.

Posted by Robert McDougal
Paul Walker Dies in Car Crash.
Posted by Robert McDougal

Paul Walker, the actor known for starring in the Fast & Furious movies has died at the age of 40 Saturday afternoon in a fiery car crash in Southern California.

He was reportedly the passenger after attending a charity event.

The tragic news has been confirmed by his reps on his official Twitter and Facebook pages.

The Fast movies will never be the same. Production on the seventh installment was currently in the middle of principal photography.

He leaves behind his fifteen year old daughter. My condolences to her and the rest of his family...Read More

Pacific Rim or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Box Office
Posted by Robert McDougal

The Friday estimates are in for this weekend's box office with Grown Ups 2  taking the top spot. Now before you start searching for the next flight to a small island off the coast of Norway clear of any other humans, it's important 

Yes, it's beyond sad that futuristic giant robots were able to defeat Kaiju, colossal monsters, but not a bunch of man children who mistake funny for . The comedian stars  But I digress. Anyhow,  there is still reasonable hope that Pacific Rim will. I'm predicting a worldwide gross of at least over $600 million. I...Read More

On a Clear Day You Can Look Forward to Pirates of the Carribean 5
Posted by Robert McDougal

"X marks the spot," oday marks the tenth anniversary of the sixth highest grossing film franchise, unadjusted for inflation . The series has come along way, but not in a good way.

Recently, producer Jerry Bruckheimer has revealed that the Disney franchise is due to set sail once more in a few months’ time following the appointment of Norwegian directors Joachim Roenning and Espen Sandberg.

While I see a lot of bad films, I try to remain optimistic. 

2015 in shaping up to be one of the most monumental and groundbreaking years in cinematic history. We'll be returning to a galaxy far, far away in Star Wars:...Read More

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